Memorandum of Understanding - Chronology


11/22...MOU Concept presented at City Council Meeting...workshops announced for 11/30 and 12/6. (Channel 54 coverage)

11/30...Special All boards/commissions workshop focusing on the MOU concept (Channel 54 coverage)

12/6...Special All boards/commissions workshop focusing on the MOU concept (Channel 54 coverage)

12/13...Status Report to City Council re: MOU and announcements re: upcoming workshops (Channel 54 coverage)


1/3...County board of Supervisors briefed re: 1/8 workshop/site visit. (Channel 54 coverage)

1/8...Special City Council/All Boards and Commissions site visit and roundtable discussions re: Duke project, MOU and air/water issues. (Channel 54 coverage)

1/10...Status Report to City Council re: MOU, workshops and announcements re: upcoming meetings, etc. APCD announces office hours in Morro Bay and special air workshop for mid-february. Staff announces PTA public forums re: Duke in late January. (Channel 54 coverage)

1/13...Draft MOU released release issued, hard copies distributed...e-copies to interested parties.

1/24...Initial Presentation of MOU at City Council Meeting (Channel 54 coverage)

1/26...PTA public forum on Duke project (Channel 54 coverage planned)

1/31...Special Meeting of all boards and commissions to consider the MOU (Channel 54 coverage planned)

2/14...Potential Public Hearing/Action before Council re: the MOU (Channel 54 coverage)

2/15....APCD workshop in MB re: Air quality issues (Channel 54 coverage planned)

2/28...Potential Public Hearing/Action by Council re: the MOU (Channel 54 coverage)

In addition, the draft MOU proposes an extensive local pre-application review process involving additional workshops and hearings by the City over a period of several months before any application is re-filed by Duke with the California Energy Commission. If the application is refiled with the CEC, numerous additional local workshops and hearings will be held before any final actions are taken with respect to the project.


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