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Apply for a faire booth right here - Your application is effective on the date we receive payment from you with this exception: - IF you submit this form TWO weeks prior to event day and immediately mail us a check for the correct amount, we will temporarily hold a spot for you IF your check arrives by the Friday 10 days prior to the event and your application is accepted, your application will be deemed effective at the time you submitted this form. You may also use your credit card or PayPal account to immediately pay for your booth (instructions follow your form submission) Otherwise your application will not be complete until we receive your completed written application AND payment. Generally, booths are first-come, first-served, subject to the discretion of the faire coordinator. Check your email after submitting this form. You will have a completed application sent directly from our website. You can then sign the email and mail your payment as instructed.
Fair Instructions for Vendors:


Please provide the following information

First Name:

Last Name:
Company (if any):
Mailing Street or PO:
Mailing City:
State (abbreviation):
Area Code for voice calls:
Voice number:
Area Code for fax:
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Fax number:
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REQUIRED Email Address:


Describe the items that you intend to sell. Your description will help determine your booth assignment. NOTE: You will be obligated to sell only the types of items listed.

Do you have a City of Morro Bay Business License?

Do you use electricity?

Power is limited and requires prior arrangement. It is recommended that you provide your own power.
How many booths do you require?
12x12 Ft merchandise booths are Early price ($86) and Regular Price ($106) each, MBMA members pay less *
Food booths Early Price ($136) and Regular Price ($156).
Early Price ends 2 weeks prior to Fair Date
Booth fee includes City of Morro Bay temporary vendor license for Fair date.

How long does it take to break down and be off street?

Other events where you have a booth or Additional Comments go here

Your California Resale Permit number
  • Faire booths are open to vendors with handcrafted items, gifts, home and garden accessories, entertainers, and food booths, as well as Morro Bay Merchant Association Members, subject to MBMA discretion. MBMA will not guarantee exclusivity to any vendor.
  • Regular pricing starts 2 weeks prior to event. Save $20 by paying the Early Price
  • Acting Faire Coordinator is Bill Peirce (877) 478-9477 (leave a message)
  • Summer Faire Date is First Sunday in August. Hours are 9 AM to 5 PM. Arrive at least one hour before opening time.
    Holiday Faire Date is Sunday following Thanksgiving Day 10AM to 4PM. Arrive at least one hour before opening time .

I understand there are no refunds or “Rain Days” for Faire cancelled due to inclement weather. I declare that the above information is true and accurate. I agree to hold the Morro Bay Merchants Association free and harmless from any incidents of damage that may arise through my participation in the above event. I also agree to indemnify the Morro Bay Merchants Association from any claims that may arise from my participation in the above event. I agree to abide by all the rules, either verbal or written, as outlined by the faire coordinators, including parking, set-up and take down for booths.
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1.Click the "Submit Faire Application" button after completing form. This will create TWO email messages (one to US and one to YOU)
2. Check your email. There should be a complete application in your inbox.
3. Once you hit "Submit", below, you will be offered a link where you have the option to immediately pay with a credit card for your booth.
If you do not use the immediate payment link, above, you should sign the EMAILed form and attach your check (Make your check payable to MORRO BAY MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION) The application is NOT complete until BOTH applicantion and payment are received!
4. Immediately mail signed form AND check to:

Morro Bay Merchants Association
630 Quintana Rd #161
Morro Bay CA 93442

Additional copies of this form can be found at:

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